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Get the to-do app designed from the ground up to help you focus.

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Everything you need

Popular productivity apps have tagging, color coding, folders, and subfolders. They call it organization. We call it bloat. Doo is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Task organization that’s fun

Snooze due tasks until you’ve got your day planned. Have a lot going on? Manage and view what’s upcoming from the list view.

Create tasks with ease

Add tasks by typing in the title. Set dates, locations, notes, and more with a single click.

Keeps your data private

Privacy is a fundamental right. That’s why Doo includes screen locking. No "Pro" upgrade required. We also don’t collect your data. What does this mean? No trackers, no cookies, and no analytics. Simple — the way it should be.

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Build better habits.
Get the to-do app that helps you focus.

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