To-dos that work like your brain.

Create reminders and become a more productive you — one card at a time. Never fear your to-do list again.

Smart features in a delightfully simple package.

Doo helps you get things done by encouraging small, achievable reminders. Each reminder you create becomes a card. Swipe cards away and power through everything on your to-do list.

Simple by design

Doo presents your reminders as a stack of cards, making it easier to focus on one task at a time. It also enables an innovative user interface that you can use one-handed.

To-dos with warmth and personality.

Your reminders display one of twenty-four beautiful images, each created for a particular task. This makes Doo an inviting, more engaging experience. It’s a small way to make a big difference.

Flexible repeat options

Days, weeks, months, or years. Set custom intervals starting on a date or select weekdays.

Due dates and early alerts

Get alerts on due dates or schedule reminders early. Select from presets or create your own.

Add reminders from anywhere

Read an article, save an address, and everything in between. Use the share icon in almost any app to add a new reminder. How’s that for flexibility?

Sync with iCloud

Doo saves your reminders and to–dos to iCloud Drive. Items created on one device are automatically pushed to others. And if you lose your device, your data is restored so you can pick up where you left off.

Doo more with powerful extras.

Reached #1 in Productivity

Get Doo. Get things done.

It turns out the perfect to–do list isn’t a list but something much more. Intelligent features and attention to detail make Doo a fun, satisfying way to get things done.

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