Privacy Policy

User Data

Doo does not store, copy, or transfer any user data except as necessary to save reminder entries to iCloud and within the application. Doo connects via Apple provided authentication mechanisms to transfer data to your private iCloud account.

We firmly believe in privacy and stand with companies like Apple who support strong encryption.

Diagnostic and Usage Data

Doo does not collect or receive any diagnostic or usage data beyond what is provided by Apple as part of our participation in the Apple Developer Program. This diagnostic and usage data includes, but is not limited to, the iOS operating system version, device type, Doo app version, and any applicable crash logs. Sending diagnostic and usage data to Apple can be enabled or disabled within iOS from the Settings app.


Doo transfers your reminder data to the iCloud service maintained and operated by Apple and connected to your Apple ID. Doo does not integrate with any other third-party services.


The Doo app website located at integrates with Google Analytics to track industry-standard metrics. These metrics include but are not limited to referrals, visit duration, and visitor origin.

The Doo website does not use tracking cookies beyond those provided by Google Analytics.